LED lighting is based on an electronic component called “light-emitting diode” (LED). A key role is played by a semiconductor, and, if we simplify it, because of the properties of this material, light emitting or electroluminescence occurs when an electric current passes through the semiconductor diode.

Lighting based on LED technology is undoubtedly the illumination of the future, and nowadays, the development in this sphere has reached such a degree that the LED illumination can be used virtually without limits, both indoors and outdoors.

In addition to the economical operation and environmental friendliness, LED technology also offers a wealth of design options (illumination of buildings or decorative objects in the interior, highlighting parts of the room, creating the desired atmosphere, etc.). The return on investment in more economical lighting is in the order of months, not only due to energy efficiency but also to the long life of the LED sources.

In addition to the different types of LED bulbs (with the same threads as conventional bulbs, so that they can be fully replaced), you can choose from a range of special LED lights – tubes, ceiling lights, or light panels. Investing in more efficient lighting is becoming not only a necessity (in view of the EU regulation on removing inefficient lighting sources from the market), but, in the case of LED lighting, the advantages offered by this technology are also worthwhile in all aspects.

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