Many municipalities and towns will soon need a renewal of their street lights. Problems with non-conforming lights mainly concern the smaller towns and municipalities with a population of up to 20 000.  Considering the inevitable renewal, there is a possibility to invest in new LED lighting, which has many advantages over the conventional high-pressure sodium lamps. This information should not escape the attention of the modern-minded and responsible representatives of the municipalities. The operation and maintenance of the conventional high-pressure sodium lamps are very costly for the municipality and usually represent a relatively large item on the list of municipal expenditures.

If you replace the conventional lighting with LED street lights, you can achieve significant savings in energy consumption, and also save considerable maintenance expenses, which are minimal in the case of LED lights because of their self-cleaning system and a high degree of protection. Thanks to these savings, return on initial investment in the purchase of the new LED lighting is relatively fast.

However, the benefits of LED lights do not stop with savings. These lights represent also the best solution in terms of environmental friendliness. If you opt for the LED technology, you will also send a signal to your neighbourhood that your municipality considers not only energy savings but also ecology. In addition, you can provide the municipality with a modern and progressive visual aspect and become the pioneer of technology that undoubtedly means lighting of the future.

The offer of the SINCLAIR LED street lighting

We offer SINCLAIR LED lights for street lighting in several variants of wattage and power consumption. They can be installed on both new and existing poles. All of them contain high-quality LED chips from the world's leading manufacturers, and feature a high efficacy of over 100 lm/W, making them one of the most powerful lights of this type on the market. Thanks to the material used and the excellent cooling system, they achieve more than twice the lifetime of conventional lights. Certification, of course, conforms to EU standards, which guarantee the maximum safety and reliability of the product.

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