LED technology advantages


  • low power consumption (up to 85% lower compared to conventional incandescent bulbs)
  • higher luminous efficacy (or power output, approx. 80 lm/W) – energy class A
  • long service life (min. 25,000 hours, which is 25 times more than in case of the conventional incandescent bulb) and therefore minimal maintenance and replacement costs
  • very fast start to full power
  • dimmability (without changing the light colour)
  • the possibility of different colour combinations without using the colour filters as with other types of lighting
  • resistance to vibrations, impacts, etc.
  • resistance to frequent switching
  • higher safety — the surface does not heat up (so there is no risk of burning when touched etc.)
  • no UV and IR radiation damaging the eyes
  • unlike some gas-discharge lamps or fluorescent tubes, they do not contain mercury or other substances harmful to the environment
  • silent operation
  • small dimensions
  • new possibilities for design and architecture
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