LED lighting means savings for the municipality


Savings for the municipality

Replacing the discharge lamps with SINCLAIR LED lights will instantly reduce the costs of electricity consumed by street lighting. In the case of LEDs, the municipality will also save on maintenance, which is minimal due to design and long life of these lights. As a result, up to 50% of electricity costs can be saved by replacing the conventional sodium lamps with LEDs.

Comfort and safety

Compared to the yellow or orange colour of the light emitted by the conventional street lights, the SINCLAIR LED lights have a white colour (with a colour temperature of 5,500 K). White light is generally considered to be more appropriate because it allows for more accurate vision and therefore a faster reaction of drivers to possible movement on the road or in its surroundings, while pedestrians are more likely to follow their route and avoid possible obstacles. People also perceive the white light as a more natural compared to the yellow light of the street lights, as it is similar to daylight. In addition, light from the SINCLAIR street lighting is distributed asymmetrically, providing maximum illumination of roads and walkways, while the surroundings are not unnecessarily contaminated by undesirable brightness (lights does not shine on nearby home windows). Immediate start to full power and silent operation also contributes to increased comfort.

Environmental friendliness

SINCLAIR LED lights do not contain environmentally hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, phosphorus or cadmium, do not emit harmful ultraviolet radiation, minimize light pollution, and, if you opt for them, you will also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions. As far as environmental friendliness is concerned, the LED is uncompromisingly the best choice.

Appearance and quality

The white colour of light and the modern design, which distinguishes SINCLAIR LED street lights from the bulky conventional discharge lamps at first glance, will increase the beauty of your municipality and improve the lives of its residents even regarding the aesthetics aspect. SINCLAIR lights are made of high-quality materials, ensuring maximum resistance to moisture, various dirt and mechanical damage; cooling and self-cleaning of the light is also reliably solved.

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